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The Republic of China (Taiwan) has achieved historic significance and continuing importance. In only a few decades, it pulled itself out of poverty and away from military dictatorship, created a thriving economy and a vibrant democracy, and to the extent that it has been allowed to do so, has played highly responsible regional and international roles. A technological powerhouse, Taiwan is the 20th largest economy in the world as measured by purchasing power parity GDP, and it is a key link in the global supply chain of high-tech products. Located at the center of the eastern Pacific rim, Taiwan is also of enormous strategic importance.


Nonetheless, Taiwan's impressive achievements are often overshadowed by mainland China's growing economic and military power, despite improvements in cross-Strait relations in recent years. As a result, Taiwan's importance, its role, and its potential contributions to the region and beyond receive insufficient attention both at home and abroad. Taiwan suffers from political, diplomatic, and at times academic isolation.


Reflecting its long tradition of dedication to civic leadership, National Tsing Hua University established the Center for Asia Policy (CAP) in July, 2013 to help Taiwan overcome this isolation. The Center for Asia Policy will focus on giving Taiwan, as well as our University, a stronger and more prominent voice and role in Asian academic discussions of policy, and on providing research support, ideas, and practical recommendations which we hope will be useful to the ROC Government in formulating its policies.